I-Conomy is a spin-off company of Aerospazio Tecnologie that has supplied a big number of HV modules in the last years for Space, Nuclear Phisics, Astrophysics and High Reliability application.

Among the most relevant:

  • HV3 +3000V 150 uA and HV3 -3000V 150 uA modules to Beijing Conveyi Limited for a non disclosed application
  • 62 FM modules HV3 -1200V to supply phototubes, 14FM High Voltage Divider and 12 FM modules HV3 +150V to supply Silicon APD to the Limadou experiment hosted on board the Chinese satellite CHINA SEISMO ELECTROMAGNETIC SATELLITE CSES-01 in orbit since 2 February 2018. 
  • 80 HV modules FM that will supply phototubes on board the Chinese CSES-02 satellite.
  • Fabry–Pérot interferometer Piezoelectric actuators power supply system for IBIS2 experiment. Set of three four-quadrant fast and very low noise HV system ranging from -700V to +700V for capacitive loads up to 25nF.

Video of the launch of CSES-01 satellite, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China, (in orbit on CSES satellite since 2 Feb. 2018)

Credits: China Central Television


  • China National Space Administration (CNSA)
  • Lanzhou Institute of Physics (LIP)
  • Space Star Technology Co.
  • Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM)
  • National Institute of Natural Hazards (NINH)
  • Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP)
  • DFH Satellite Co.
  • National Space Science Center (NSSC)
  • Centre for Space Science and Applied Research-Chinese Academy of Science (CSSAR-CAS)


Italian Space Agency
INFN & Physics Department of Roma Tor Vergata University
TIFPA-INFN & Physics Department of Trento University
INFN & University of Torino
INAF-IAPS – Italian National Institute of Astrophysics and Planetology
INFN-LNF National Laboratories of Frascati
INGV – Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology
IFAC – CNR, Firenze
Uninettuno University, Roma
INFN & Physics Department of Bologna University
INFN and Physics Department of Naples University