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I-conomy designs and manufactures state-of-the-art DC/DC converters for space applications using either qualified components or commercial components (ITAR-FREE) tested under radiation.  The team specializes in solving electro/mechanical reliability and performance issues of high voltage power supplies for space use.

I-conomy produces HV power supplies and HV custom systems guaranteed to operate in any vacuum condition so that there is no risk that outgassing of materials in space could cause dangerous discharges or corona effects.

Utilize space-use HV cables, shielded or unshielded, to distribute the high voltage to simplify assembly operations for the customer. The standard modules are contained in aluminum boxes that have 4 holes for easy and reliable fastening by screws.

For maximum vibration and shock resistance, do not use pins soldered to the PCB for control signals and power (different CTE of different materials cause fractures in soldered joints), but flexible cables for effective stress release.

I-conomy also make custom high voltage systems to customer specifications to optimize weight and size, complete with mechanics, control board and HV cables.
Prices and lead times are always very competitive as is fair to expect from a team with more than 100 man-years of experience in this field.


Francesco Petroni I-Conomy CEO

I-Conomy CEO Francesco Petroni has always been at the forefront of technology thanks to years of intensive collaborations with the most important Companies, Agencies and Research Centers of the world.

International space project management experience since the 1990s

You can find attached the CV below.